Anyone spotted any Silver Treasures Of India New Pieces?


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Has anyone spotted any new "Silver Treasures of India" pieces, I love this brand. It is on for a three hour show Saturday night.

I spotted 685417 TOI gemset pendent that is in the shape of a cross with a chain, cant do links -sorry
Also 646556 but this is a Suarti cross pendent.
656115 TOI garnet pendent shaped like a cross.

Nothing gothic though, but these cross type ones look nice.

I have the garnet one myself and its lovely <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
I got a beautiful pendant from someone on ebay called Silver island. They do similar stuff but its all original and each piece is unique. Worth a look.;)
I'm hugely keen to find out what the set of 5 pendants is all about!

anne the description says

Enhance your jewellery collection with this set of vibrant gemstone pendants. You'll receive five pendants, each with a different stone and pretty design. The gems include a round-cut garnet, a square-cut peridot, an oval-cut yellow tiger's eye, a heart-cut blue topaz, and a pear-cut amethyst. The set comes with an oxidised herringbone link chain that measures about 46cm (18") in length. Total gem weights: peridot: 0.58 carat; tiger's eye, amethyst, garnet: 0.75 carat; blue topaz: 0.68 carat.

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