Anyone see our local DJ today?


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Jun 24, 2008
When I got home tonight my hubby informed me that our local DJ from Invicta radio was presenting on TJC around 6pm.

He had heard it advertised on the radio (I hadn't cos I only listen to Radio one) so I've looked it up but could only find the practice, did anyone else see it? ;)
I managed to catch it, he wasn't too bad to be honest! Better than a lot of first time presenters. I guess with him being on the radio he has a slight advantage.

Just about to check out the practice clip, thanks for the link :)
are you on the south coast Red?
sorry to say I didnt see the DJ in action but then I'd never dare watch TJC when Mizgit is around cos I get harangued mercilessly lol

I'm in Kent, not quite on the coast but Invicta covers it all. ;)

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