Anyone received £5 promo vouchers yet?


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Jun 24, 2008
Anyone received £5 promo vouchers yet?

Hi everyone, has anyone received there £5 promo vouchers that gemstv where giving away with each order (per day) about a month ago yet! I had a couple of orders (xmas pressie) and still not received them yet, of course can't get through to customer services to ask, so thanks in advance for your replies
Nope pandabear......not received mine as yet,having said that though I am having a Gems embargo at the moment due to their regularly treating web customers as second class citizens...............and also other jewellery channels doing things better and treating their customers as something to be valued!!:54:
Thank you everyone for replying to my question x
Hopefully I will receive vouchers in the next few days then, hope everyone who's still waiting for the vouchers also receives theirs soon also:1:

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