anyone help me with the pocket surfer?


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Oct 22, 2008
I'm thinking of buying a pocket surfer for my son for christmas... he doesn't have a pc... any views? Is the Ideal World price a good one? anyone got one? Much appreciated....
If you want to use it on the move (i.e. outside the home), then I'd say they are great. If that's not the main reason for getting one, consider a cheap laptop instead.
If you don't want a laptop I would think about a mobile phone with internet access, unlike the pocketsurfer (I have one and it's awful to use) the screen will be a touch one and text input will be easy, on the pocket surfer it's torturous. Also 20 hours a month free access provided by the pocket surer will not be enough for a young lad, my mobile phone offers umlimited internet access and it's fast access, easily as fast as the pocketsurfer if not faster.

On the whole I'd avoid it, it's clumsy and not user friendly.
I've read reviews about it on various sites and although the majority of feed back is positive the biggest concern is the flimsiness of the casing, apparently it cracks easily...maybe not ideal for a heavy handed young lad.
If you do decide to buy one I would get it from John Lewis. Its £145 with free delivery and comes with a Two Year Warranty .. Although you would only get the 12 months connection instead of 15 which IW were offering. I know which I would choose. Although shown out of stock of JL website at the moment they do tend to get things back in stock in days rather than weeks.
Thank you all so much for the help! Think I'll go down the mobile phone route.

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