Anyone had problems with Kama charms?


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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
I got two bracelets today, different ones, so that I could put all of the charms on one bracelet.

I've been stalking them for a week or so, waiting for the right bracelets to come up at the right price.

Unfortunately three of the charms aren't the ones pictured in the auction - I got three of these instead of these. Nice, but not the ones I wanted.

Not sure what to do now - yes I know I could send them back for a replacement but I want to wear them!
Katherine's on the case - she emailed me before I contacted her.

She's such a starclapping
I have just received delivery of my first Kama charm bracelet... It's not a patch on my two Pandora ones, and sticks out like a sore thumb when worn next to them.

So, I am going to transfer the charms onto my Pandora bracelets, mix them in a bit, and not use the Kama chain.
i was disappointed with mine too TC....and was gonna send it back today but using the charms on something else is a good idea. I don't like the screw bit on the chain cos it looks odd and it doesn't do it's job anyway.
I love the karma charms ,not necceassrily the actual crhains so i have all my charms on my silver chain ,looks fab and a longer do.p which i prefer
I have found some of the charms a bit stiff to get onto and off the chain and was worried about damaging the chain with all the twisting and shoving. I'm keeping them though, because I do like the charms. I might get a different chain for them though.
i've put the charms onto a silver chain and like the look of it except now i'm gonna need more charms. ;) I wonder if Rocks would be inclined to auction the fancier charms singularly ?

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