Anyone got these earrings?


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Can't help with your query Meeshoo, but I like, really like. I love diamond clusters.
Every time i've seen them both in freeview and later hours (even in the quieter hours) they have always put a clock up at the final price of £349 (in both 18k yellow and 18k white gold).
Suspect you have to be careful here. In May 08 I got 0.50 ct diamond stud earrings in 14 K gold with screwbacks for £199.00. That is just 2 stones and for the tiny amount of gold actually used in any of these earrings, not much difference. I know prices have gone up but you are looking at the same carat weight but for many smaller (presumably) stones for nearly £150 more even if it is Illiana and supposedly better quality. Not sure if this helps. :confused2:
Thanks for the info. I thought it was a fair price - I'll let you know if they live up to expectations when they arrive!

Sioux I know the 14k range is brilliant value but I guess the difference is the 18k and higher grade diamonds.

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