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Aug 20, 2008
:confused: I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem of not been able to watch on the web!!?...
I keep getting a message saying I need a flash player higher than 8?....

I know for a fact I have the latest flash of 9,0124.
It's sooo annoying not been able to view....

"If anyone from rockandco are reading this! "can you please sort your web streaming out"
Thanks, Mirabelle :)
I'm getting the same Mirabelle but I'm pretty sure I've got the latest version of Flash on my 'puter.
I've even just 'updated' to a beta later version and it still doesn't work, re booted and all.
I've updated everything in sight and rebooted, even got Adobe Media Player now but Rocks and Co will still not play.
Same here my techy son to look....he says it must be them meaning Rocksandco
I was able to view when they first came live on the web....but not for last 2 days!!?
Me too Mirabelle, was able to watch but now can't.
Not bothered personally though.
No it's not working for me also, I've got version 9 but keeps on saying I need version 8 or more - which I have got:confused:
:confused: PandaBear...I thought I was the going Its not just me..

ARA...of Rocksandco... If your reading this in can you look into this problem for us please!!!
Fine here....nice to see Caroline again and she's not SHOUTING!! :SUE: :pPC:
Saw your post Mirabelle and went off to have a look, working for me now too and I've not changed anything since my last post on this thread yesterday.

I reckon they must have tweaked something!
Hi Iput rocksandco in search the only thing that comes up is to do with shopping telly, cannot get onto rocks&co on the web, any suggestions as to whats needed.:33:
Click on the banner up above Evie, should take you to Rocks & Co website.
:) Hi all...
here is an update on why I could'nt get to see the streaming of Rockandco....
I discovered my pop up blocker was not set to allow it ha ha...some how I must
have accidently as you do lol knocked it stupid do I feel!!!:eek:
My IE 7 pop up blocker is switched on and Rocks streaming is working for me Mirabelle although I had the same problem as you at the weekend, I changed nothing and it started working eventually.
Hi all sorry about the webstreaming problems that you have been having. If you can get the streaming ok and it dissappears then its not your computer it is the people steaming for us. What seems to happen is that it makes your computer think it doesn't have the correct flash and you need to update. I know as it happened to me and I updated with no joy. What I now know this means is that I need to ring up the company that is streaming our video and give them a rocket to sort it out again. I have also found that the audio sync is sometimes out again this seems to come right once I to yell at our streaming company.
:) Thanks for your post ARA....It has cleared up a lot of:confused:
I still thought it was me up to reading what you put.
and still feel pretty stupid as I knew I had the latest flash player!! :eek:

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