Any inside knowledge of the Tiffany TSV Tuesday.


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Addicted to Mulberry
Jun 24, 2008
Dromara. Co. Down
Hi just wondering whether any of the supersleuths have found the number or details of the Tiffany TSV on Tuesday yet please?

I need another floor light ,but a search on QVC only came up with a £272.28 lamp with £17.95 p+p.....................................

I DONT THINK SO :fume::fume::fume:
I don't think it's a floor lamp!

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Light up every day with the most famous name in the world of bright lights - terrific Tiffany-Style. We have one of their beautifully beaded lamps as a Today's Special Value.

This elegantly curved creation, with its countless clear beads, is a real 'highlight' on Tuesday 17th February.

Of course the design is a dragonfly - the best-loved of all Louis Comfort Tiffany's motifs. And the lamp shimmers with exquisite detail, including 135 cuts of glass, 15 cabochons and intricate metal filigree. You can even angle the shade to alter the atmosphere from sparkling to subtle or sultry.

Best of all, we've saved the most dazzling detail for last. This dainty lamp is the best value Tiffany-Style Today's Special Value we have ever featured - Tiffany-Style at a tiny price! We're delighted to have found it and we can't wait to pass it on to all our collectors. If you love lovely things, don't miss yours on Tuesday 17th February, launching at 12am, then at 1am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm.

Gemma Love
Customer Relations Manager
how on earth do they deliver items like that in one piece :6:

They don't, they smash them into little pieces and shove it all in a tiny winy box, when it arrives you have to work out what piece goes where (with foreign instructions) and glue and sticky dot it together to make a lamp.:4:

Hope this helps :31:
Thanks Mad Granny Sue, but I NEED a floorlamp for my dining room at the mo, and dont want to buy any old thing just to fill the gap if you know what I mean :?:
I got very excited over the prospect of a Tiffany TSV

Didn't realise you meant lamps !! :31:
Any thoughts? I don't care for it. Got the seaside one in the outlet show yesterday, £20 off and on easy pay. Hoping it will go with my nautical themed spare room.
I love it!!!

It's perfect for in my hallway as we've got a stained glass window and it will sit perfectly on the sill :)

(ignore splodges of paint on the wall)


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Not for me I'm afraid way too small for my liking!

I have a Tiffany style floor-lamp - but not from QVC. It came from a junk shop years ago and cost me £50. I love those Tiffany lamps I have them everywhere. Too many really but I can't help it. Nurse!:11:
I love it!!!

It's perfect for in my hallway as we've got a stained glass window and it will sit perfectly on the sill :)

(ignore splodges of paint on the wall)

I love stained glass like that Siren and a Tiffany lamp will do it justice.
What happened to Emma(Lamport?) the Tiffany guest? And who is the dull guy who now presents the range?

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