Any idea what the product might be...


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Silly Moo
Feb 4, 2009
Ooop Narth, bordering on Insanity
It was packaged in a box, but must have been a container of liquid, leaked all over the place and ponged like a solvent.

Seems to be a brown liquid and I presume IW must have been selling it last week or maybe the week before if it was out for delivery this week.

Ideas anyone? Could it be something from the gardening hours?

I was told it might be car polish, but I've never seen runny car polish.
LOL I found out what it is, it's the car cleaner stuff that is supposed to clean your car without the need for water.

It leaked all over my car - i was given it to deliver and I wasn't very pleased when it stank my car out and leaked on the floor :26:

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