Another Northern Nights TSV!


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Jun 24, 2008
Yes folks, here comes another boring TSV.........:24:

Just imagine if we'd bought every NN TSV. Our cupboards and drawers would be bulging, we'd have duvet covers/sheets as curtains, tablecloths and anything else needing a vast expanse of material. Wonder how many you-know-who has turned into make-shift kaftans....................:33:

This is perfect timing for all those members who have offsprings heading to university because Suzy insists on telling us they don't need ironing - wrong, the ones I have crease terribly and look like you've been to bed in them! :54:

Never mind, my money is safe for another day!
No need to bother any f.a.r.ts with this one. I have never been tempted with NN. Too bloomin expensive. Off to bed in my old Asda duvet set. Night night.
Maybe there are a disproportionate number of B&B owners and hoteliers who watch QVC. Either that or there are a lot of viewers with a bedding fixation.
Animal print??????? Goodness me - I enjoy a few 'wild' moments myself now and again (yes, I'm getting on a bit but there's life in the old girl yet!) but that's taking it too far, don't want to feel smothered........:22:
I already have animal print bedding....whenever the cats manage to get into the bedroom and jump up on the bed leaving a trail of muddy pawprints as they go...:wink2:

Sounds like you've got a pussy problem Perdy........:tongue2:
:angry: :angry: AGAIN same price for all wonderful for them to keep saying what a super buy for those with king size dammed if my single bed is going to pay so they can have a ~bargain~..I love NN bedding but will only pay for single size offers, there used to be the scale for size, still got it on some items, but can't remember the last tsv now that did this :angry:

:wait2: Oh...don't like today's anyhows :giggle:

I like the Ivory and Lilac, but I don't agree with having to pay the same for a single as I would for a king size. No ta, my money is safe today.
I suppose they must sell plenty of sets to keep putting on NN TSVs, but I really hate the way the presenter stands there constantly feeling up her wares. The incessant stroking/kneading/plumping/feeling must be done to have some sort of positive psychological influence on the viewers, but it has the total opposite affect on me. I have no idea why it irritates me so much, but I just can't watch for longer than about 30 seconds! :angry:

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