Another delivery....big thanks to BH!


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Hi guys....lastest items for your perusal

Pearl silver earrings

Such a bargin at £5 and not too big, just perfect, very wearable.

Pearl Silk scarf

Already have the black version and this was yet another bargin at £8!!! hehe

Sponge Coral Silver earrings

Big thank you to BH for this. I just missed out and was so disappointed. But BH was very kind enough to let me have them. I love them and I am wearing them right now lol

Pearl and Marcasite Ring

I have wanted this for ages. Finally got me hands on it £10

Pearl Silver Ring

I saw, I believe Darls with this ring and loved it so much I requested it straight away and got it for £9 I am so happy and it doesnt need to be resized at all. It is easily adjustable.

White Pearl studs

Well I had to complete the set!!! £7. I also bought peacock pearl studs which are lovely too but I forgot to take a pic of them. They are slightly bigger and a bit flatter.

Pearl Necklace

I bought this as a cheap pressie for Sis in Law. was only £7 but when I showed my mother (who is not into gems like we all are) said she didnt think sis in law would like it *cries* I dont know what to do now lol

Well there you go, I am sure there will be more along shartly...tut I must stop!!
wow really lovely items there hun.

Just cause your mum thinks that, doesn't mean she won't like it. You bought it for her so give it to her, its a present after all.
Lovely, told you that ring was brilliant.

Give sis in law the pressie, she will probably love it.
ValleyGirl, what a lovely collection!
I would certainly give your sister in law that lovely necklace.... what's NOT to like?? It's super........and she does have a neck,doesn't she??!!!??:52:
lovely delivery valleygirl. Got some of them too, including the brilliant pearl ring (love the no resizing). As for the pressy - it's the thought that counts and she may well surprise herself - they are different and very easy to wear. Of course, you could just keep them .....
You are very welcome VG. Really pleased you love it. Looks stunning in your ears. I have fallen in love with the first pair of earrings can you give me the code please i need to request them. love all the pearly items have some myself. i am getting the last pearl necklace on Tuesday. i think your SIL will love it.
XL966 is the code for the first pearl earrings.

Thanks all for your comments.

Will probably give the necklace to sis in law, if she dont like it, i'll have it back lol
lovely collection enjoy them all, the pearl necklace is a gift from you so i would still give it..i normally get shortbread off my s-i-law !!!
lol....first of all, pics of earrings are by OH. He is a bit fussy so he takes about 10 and we pick the best in focus etc. Digital cam of course. Steady hand needed and use Macro to make sure they are in focus. Well thats what I do anyway.

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