Another Clearance Sale


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It does not bode well when they keep having clearance sales, mind you I find that there is not much that is actually reduced, last time they had a pendant on that I have and it was still being sold for the same price as it was when I got it, same for my friend she got a lovely 3 piece set and that was also in the "sale" but it was the same price and she only got hers about a week before the sale started.
It's always a bit hit & miss with "sale" prices ... sometimes I don't think things are any cheaper at all, but then other times you can pick up a right ole bargain.
:) Ooh! Thanks, Sammi. Been a bit busy at work (and relationship break up) and didn't have the oomph to sort out my registration again!

Anyway ... sorry - drifted off topic there.

I had exactly the same thought about American stock trickling through! :D

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