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Jun 24, 2008
I am so angry, I have just binned a blue topaz pendant, when I went to check out 15 mins later there is a message saying it is no longer available and to delete it and should have checked out sooner, well I rang customer services and the girl who answered, could not have cared less, more or less said "tough luck", well I wont be buying anything from this channel, its back to Gems for me, I cant understand how this has happened, as I binned it before any had been sold.
So sorry Rosylee you have had the problem but you're not the only one that this has happened to quite a few threads on here about this problem (amongst others)as lots of problems with their ordering system (which I have found out to my disadvantage) I have missed out because of this problem also and customer services couldn't help me also, must say though must be pot luck who you speak to in customer services as lady I spoke to did try and help maybe it's because of all the problems they are having (but that is no excuse not to try and help) hope you find something else you like soon x
This happened to me too, just now. I wanted that pendant as a present for my niece for Christmas, and I had something else in my basket which will expire in under an hour and so I went to checkout too and got the same message.

I nabbed it when there was still about 10 available so it is out of order that I should lose mine when there were so many left, it is more understandable if I nabbed the last one but not when I nabbed one of the first.

Very annoying!!!
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What you mention has also happened to me, and many others. On Gems TV, items are shown as out of stock when they're in someone's basket, so if it's in your basket you know you're "safe", and items stay in your basket for up to a week until you check out.

Rocks & Co really need to sort out their systems - but to be fair, I think they know that!
I think loads of us have lost items this way and I am particularly miffed about a Zultanite ring that was whisked away earlier this week before I could check out. :TANTRUM: I was adding stuff to my basket anyway so they lost a big order by doing it. :rolleyes: It's very unprofessional and sends out a very negative message to the 1000s of members and guests who read this site every day. :pPC:
What i understand is that the web sytem and the phone system are not linked, so "oversell" can happen. The computers dont currently appear to take account of items in baskets hence "no stock" messages.,.. Thats at least my understanding.
Its not acceptable and annoying all the same.
Well I just went to checkout 2 items from last evening and one had the no longer available need to checkout sooner blah blah message :mad: so I've removed the other one too. I also don't like the way you are given seperate order nos for each telephone purchase made on the same day and the fact that there is no record of them anywhere on your account's so annoying having to write all the details down all the ****** time or risk losing track of what you are waiting for. I don't like the excessive time it's taking for deliveries either, I'm still waiting on an item bought on 21/11. I don't like the fact that CS isn't available after 6pm or at weekends. Oh bollox.....I can't be bothered with this channel and its crap systems anymore. :TANTRUM: :pPC:
I agree with you, this channel is not worth buying from, so now I don't tune into it any more, after reading all the posts on here it makes you realise how good QVC is, their customer service is great and items are being delivered much quicker at the moment.
This just happened to me again with a pair of blue topaz and marcasite earrings, and this time I bought one of the first ones and there was a quantity of 20 and after my purchase they took a few minutes to sell the rest.

Yet they still nick it out of my basket!

I have therefore also dumped my paraiba tourmaline pendant at £199 and they have lost the sale :mad:
I know how frustrated some of you are feeling and I too lost an item this way although to be honest it was just a cheap item I was impulse buying for a gift so I wasn't particularly upset.
However, a few things to bear in mind:-

Rocks & Co started out as a Fixed Price Channel but due to public demand changed over to a Falling Auction Channel. I for one wouldn't have any of the lovely pieces I now have had they stayed Fixed Price because I just wouldn't have watched it so I am very pleased at the change of strategy.

The systems were all set up in line with the Fixed Price format so were not designed to work with Falling Auctions.

Andrew(COO), Gavin and Rocks Helper have all come on here and tried their very best to help us with our problems. They didn't have to do that but they obviously care. We are a relatively small group so our displeasure at times probably wouldn't have much of a negative impact on their business so for them to do that says a lot in my book. Have you seen anyone from Gems TV or TJC on here? Do they care?

Andrew has given a full, clear explanation of what they are doing to rectify these problems and has advised us that come January when they are all under one roof (studio, sales, warehouse) and the new system has been built, the problems will be resolved. He has also advised that for the time being we should order by phone. I know this is not ideal when most of us are used to buying online but surely we can be slightly inconvenienced for the short time involved? I think the pieces are worth it both in quality and price don't you?

If you really can't face making a phone call then you can still secure your item online by checking out immediately. Yes I know you can't combine postage presently but I'm sure if you buy two or more items in the one day then Andrew, Gavin or Rocks Helper would refund the extra postage charges if you contact them.

Basically folks all I'm saying is let's cut Rocks and Co some slack and give them the chance to get their systems etc. revamped to cope with the new format. After all we've put up with a lot from other channels and haven't written them off at the first sign of a problem have we?

Party Political Broadcast on behalf of Rocks and Co. now over!!

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