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Sep 27, 2009
Has anyone seen Angeline's dress tonight? The green sparkly prom dress? Where did she get it, it's gorgeous. Not that I'd be able to wear anything like that (too damn fat!), I mean it's not the sort of thing you'd wear to Tesco, but a girl can dream.

Cheers, CountessK.
Why don't you email her and ask. Angeline is so sweet and I bet you she'd reply.

It is very pretty isn't it?
I caught a quick glimpse of Angeline and Lynn the other night. They were both glammed up and looked amazing. Such lovely ladies with it too. :clap:
Its a beautiful colour, Angeline's dress, really suits her. Though at the moment my eyes are more drawn to the Tanzanian ruby she has in front of her. Its been a-g-e-s since GTV last sold any Tanzanian ruby...the natural untreated stuff! And even back then it used to cost a packet. :smirk:
Do you know what, I'd rather have the dress than that £14,000 ruby they didn't just flog! I know they all practically orgasmed over it, but it just didn't do it for me at all. I love rubies, don't get me wrong, but it looked too brown in shade (not that it was in the least bit brown) rather than the pink-red I prefer.

I might just email Angeline. Thanks for the tip!

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