Andy Love and Joanne Puttrich


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Sep 2, 2008
Did you see the midnight hour last night (4th Sep)?

I've always sat on the fence as far as Andy Love is concerned. Not particularly liking or disliking him.

He was very entertaining at midnight last night. Did more joking and telling of stories than selling. I've jumped off the fence now and decided I like him.

On the other hand, Joanne Puttrich really gets on my tits. I think it's her voice and fake enthusiasm.
:yikes: You'll get drummed out of the Cheshire set for that!!!!
I can just about put up with Andy, but Joanne is a different kettle of fish. She just grates on me, with her voice, and the speed she talks at. I honestly think she is the worst presenter on IW.
I don't think she can even fake enthusiasm that well. She even makes watching Ellis a pleasure by comparison.

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