..and when you've tried every other trick in the book


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Jul 12, 2008
darn sarf
.. revert to the other end of the spectrum.

forgive me if this has been said before, but I'm just watching some 9K pieces on R&C with shrieky girl and they are now showing really poor pieces of pale and washed out sapphires BUT still trying to get their premium prices for them

do they think that we all just woke up - heaven's above

so, we've had the 'GEM HUNTER', who is "nothing to do with Rocks and Co"
the same 'GEM HUNTER' that buys pieces from screen from his hotel room

every shrieking presenter dramatic that you could wish for

makes ya laugh out loud doesn't it. every time they have a blackout i'm listening for the clip clop of vicky burtons cuban heels with a gold bar in each hand trying to flog them to anyone that would/could listen

hey, upshot is that i'm still no more convinced that this shower know what they are doing AND they seem to have gone very quiet on the forum. never a good sign as we have seen from channels before that are just about to go .........................................


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