An "I told you so" delivery!!! RS haters - look away!


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Ok. I can hear you all yelling "Meesh, I told you so ....." and yes you did! As you all know, I'm a confirmed "can take it or leave it" sort of person with RS pieces and then ................

Saturday morning at about 09.00am I just happened to turn on the telly. Norty Nick started to showcase a RS bracelet - at that time?????! It caught my eye because the RS's were baguette cut (like the big bruiser of a ring I sent back last week). So............ it drops from about £1,700ish to £1,549 and stays there for about a week. It drops to £1,349 and by now I'm on the phone. 100 years later it goes to £1,249 ............ mmmmm, still too much. So I say to the lovely lady who's on the other end of the phone by now, "if it drops under £1000 then please snatch it for me" ....... OMG, on the edge of my seat now ............ Nick say "this is the absolute final price, we're not moving from here" and the price drops to £999 with 3 easy payments. I yell down the phone "snatch it for me, quick, please"!!! The lovely lady says "I'm so sorry Meesh but it's sold to another customer". :sad:

To cut a long story short, we look for something else but can't find it and I say just on the off chance "do me a favour, can you see if the buyer has completed the sale on that RS bracelet?". "Meesh, they haven't, it's yours"! Woohoo! Tears of joy (well not quite but certainly a tummy flutter)!!!!

And here she is ............. 16ct of loveliness. 14.9ct of sapphires and 1.08ct of diamonds!

The negatives are that she's in 9ct gold BUT for a bracelet, it does mean it will be more hardwearing. The other downside is the diamonds are supposed to be I colour and I clarity - BUT I have to say that I'm not sure I believe that. They don't look it. The one other tiny niggle is that there is one place in the bracelet where the colour doesn't flow and that's from the yellow to green.

The positives are that it's almost 20g of gold so a real substantial piece! The sapphires are lovely and it's a great length (maybe even a tad too big) but I like loose bracelets.

Even though I love this, the price does make me hesitate. Would this be a keeper for you if you had to pay £999? Do you think it's a good price? I am going to struggle to part with it but I'm also going to struggle to think this is a good price! HELP ME!


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I had already got this ring on order in my quest to see if I could find a RS piece that I like and so decided to keep this to see if it co-ordinated with the bracelet. It actually does. The sapphires aren't graduated in colour and are more colour blocked but it does sit nicely on the hand and seems to compliment the bracelet. I got this for £229 and have since seen it sell for more. If I keep the bracelet I may keep this ring so I have a "matching" set. I'm a little undecided as I'm not wholly convinced I'd wear it much. Mmmmmm, another I need to think about. Should I keep it?


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This is is going back. A pink and white diamond ring. I thought I was going to love this because of the antique look but I don't. The pinks are lovely (much more pink than the photo) but if I didn't have any other pinkies I would probably keep this but as I have, it's going back because I don't love it and at £290 it's expensive for .50ct. However, if somebody doesn't have any pinks in their collection and likes the look, it would be a lovely ring to own.


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There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD i would part with such a beautiful bracelet although alot of money i think its a great price for the carat weight infact a bargain i have seen half that carat weight at not much less, £999 for 16 carats wow and the ring must stay as well!
Also they way you snatched it means it was meant to be!
The bracelet and ring are lovely Meesh, and a very good match, yes the bracelet is a lot of money..but its also a lot of a bracelet! I'm with you on the pink diamond ring return tho. Enjoy wearing your keepers.
wow meesh, a stunning bracelet and ring, they are a perfect match!!
£999 is indeed heafty, but you get a huuuge amount of gems and gold.:BLING:

It is very sparkly and a show stopper, indeed not something you would were daily. I noticed too that the yellow-green do not really match perfectly, that is a minus.

£229 is a great deal for the ring, i got a similar RS, but more sapphire-less diamonds, for a tat more ££
nah the bracelet has to go back - because it doesn't go with the sleeve of your jumper :)

No, I think it's a keeper, but I'm not so sure about the ring, it just doesn't seem such good value (or quite so well designed ) when compared with the bracelet.
Good carat weight of RS, nice gold, though weighing reasonable total are not big enough to be a drawback if not the best.... what's not to be pleased about for £999? Well snatched, I say!!
I'm too busy being sniffy, sulky and green to comment. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>
Firstly a question Meesh......what are the dimensions of the baguette Sapphires in the bracelet? If you don't mind me asking...
Firstly a question Meesh......what are the dimensions of the baguette Sapphires in the bracelet? If you don't mind me asking...

Interesting question .......... I'm intrigued! They're 4 x 2mm Sacha. x
Ok .......... in the quest to make a decision, I decided to see what the bracelet looks like with a diamond ring. Honest opinions which do you prefer?

I KNOW which I prefer now after seeing the photos and I think I've made a decision but would love your thoughts ............


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Hmmmmm, TBH I prefer it with the diamond ring, the RS bracelet and ring are a little OTT if worn together and the combination of the RS bracelet with the diamond ring looks much classier. Don't get me wrong, I love the RS sapphire, but if I see it now combined with the plain diamond ring, the bracelet looks even better
Oh you do ask hard questions, Meeshoo! :thinking2:

They are both stunning pieces and look fabulous together.

I suppose the question I would ask is how often would you wear them together?
If you would wear the ring loads but the bracelet very rarely then I would keep the ring and send the bracelet back.

But if you can't bear to part with either of them ..... then keep 'em both. :nod:

It's taken me so long to think about this and I expect you'll have made your mind up by the time I post this reply. :blush:

Oooops just seen your latest photos ...I prefer your diamond ring with the RS bracelet. Have you got a diamond bracelet to wear with the RS ring? lol
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I agree looks very classy with the diamond ring the bracelet stands proud and looks more designer (if you get me?) do you wear your other RS rings? will you wear this one?
'Ere we go again.....another short reply......

Interesting question .......... I'm intrigued! They're 4 x 2mm Sacha. x

Thanks Meesh, I thought they looked rather larger than the norm. I wanted to check out BKK's site to see if they had anything of a similar nature and how much it would cost. The nearest I found was this bracelet, but of course its not a like for like comparison. He's using 3mm square sapphires, more diamonds and of VS quality. But it would still amount to nearly £4,000!

So by that reckoning Meesh, you seem to have got yourself a deal!

The tiny loss of colour grading not withstanding, I wish I'd seen it on the telly because in your pics, the colours are so vibrant with subtle colouration from one to the next, I think you'd find it very very difficult to return. We don't often see such pieces on GemsTV. Wonder what Miss Magpie's considered opinion is...and that of Lady Mad of course....our resident RS experts.

As to your last question, I think that its better to wear a set of co-ordinating RS pieces. When I wear either pendant, its matched up with the earrings and either of my rings....sadly I don't have a bracelet. :cheeky: If you thought the bracelet and ring too big a look together, then wear them on different hands/wrists. I think they make an excellent match, but you'll know best as you can see them irl.
I actually like the two RS items together. Not an everyday look for sure but a real wow when you do wear them together. Neither piece is a shrinking violet! If you like them and can afford them, then I would keep both items.
I love the bracelet, and I like the ring, I prob wouldnt wear them together as I think i would keep them separate just to look a little simpler but that would be depending where i wore them, or maybe one on each hand.

I think the bracelet is the best buy, but i also think either piece stands out on their own merits. i mean, if you didnt keep them both the look is still gorgeous when alone.. or with a ring that picked out 1 of the colours of the bracelet and vice versa. .

thats what i think. Prob dont make much sense, im a bit porly.

i know the bracelet can swing round, but inthe comparison shots i prefer the diamond, but I wonder how itd look with say a pinky stoned ring. to bring out the colour in the bracelet.

wear one ring of each colour in the bracelet (or a slection of ) on each finger lol, thatd be wicked. but then again im a bit experimental. lol.
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