Ammolite Watch and Jewellery with Ken POD


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Jul 15, 2008
Has anyone gone for this Ammolite Watch, I liked when the late great Steve Whately presented it with Ken way back when, so I just wondered if anyone has gone for this.

Aw it reminds me so much of Steve

According to Ken, IW have been sitting on the last of this stock for almost a year, so they could bring it to this show :confused:

They go back to it that often, that I've not seen much of the other Ammolite on offer
Lovely to see Ken back :heart:

I was worried when someone posted that Ammolite was no longer in the brands list a while back (then I couldn't find it either) so I'm delighted to see him back.

I don't have this one, but I do have one bought a few years ago that's quite similar - rectangular, but without the 'ribbing' either end - and it's lovely. Even David has pinched it to wear on a few occasions and he almost never wears a watch! It needs a new battery (so do all my watches :rolleyes: ) but it's something I keep forgetting to do. :blush:

Sorry I'm not buying today Ken, but I have so much of the 'best of the best' both in 18ct gold and platinum, including the column pendant and earrings, that I have all I could ever wear!

Ideal World proves again how it can go from the ridiculous to the sublime. :thanks:

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