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Oct 3, 2008
Have Ideal World stopped selling Ammolite and Moissanite?
There are only a few pieces on their web site with single ring sizes left:17:

These are my two favorite gems. I have found a new supplier for Moissanite but not Ammolite

I have called Ideal Customer Services and no one can tell me when the next Ammolite show is on, does any one have Kens email or know where I can buy Ammolite from as I want to order my Christmas presents?:33:
I recall Ken being on a short while ago, but you are right in that IW only have about 9 items on the website, but that may just say more about the unfathomable site which seems to hide more of the stock than it ever shows, even when advertised shows are imminent!

It seems almost unbelievable that IW would lose Korite and it's no longer listed as a brand either by that name (although I don't think it ever was as I remember them mistakenly using the Ammolite UK logo for a time until their mistake was pointed out) or just Ammolite (btw, Ken's addy is - [email protected] - ) but these days? who knows?

These people have nice Ammolite at even nicer prices ;) (daughter's ex-bf bought her a pendant which came certificated) and I believe you may buy the actual piece listed so it might be less of a gamble on what you receive....!OpenDocument

If Ken doesn't come back (and the gaps have got longer and longer between visits so this has been discussed in the past, thankfully it was just speculation) there will be next to no reason to watch at all! :faints:

As a jewellery lover, I have noticed less and less regular jewellery shows, unless a guest vendor is over and then they have several on the trot as with Judy Mayfield right now.

Of course there's always my first port of call - ebay! :whistle:
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