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Jun 24, 2008
I ordered a new scanner from Amazon. Being a skinflint I went for the free delivery that is usually slower.

I ordered it on Saturday Afternoon - it arrived today ( Tuesday) at 11am.

QVC take note !!!
Amazon's delivery is superb. I've often ordered books at 8pm. and had them by 11am the next day.

Even with non-book items, from Amazon's third-party sellers, the delivery is very much faster than QVC.
I ordered a tv bracket on Thursday night and it was here Monday, that was through a 3rd Party seller.

Although I ordered a wii game in January about 2 weeks before the release on pre-order. They only sent me an email on the day I should have actually received it to say they did not have enough stock (so why did they take the order!!!) and asked me to cancel the order and re-order through indigo-starfish which is one of their subsidiary's. I couldn't understand why they didn't just transfer the order. I have still not received the game and sent about 10 emails complaining until I have eventually got a refund - so their service is not always the best.

Still when it works Amazon is better than qvc - I suppose they all have their problems.
I've also had good, prompt service from Amazon in the past.

However, at the moment I'm waiting on 2 items that they said would take 2 - 3 weeks to be despatched as they are coming from the States, I think. They've both been delayed, one item for the second time, so by the time they arrive (if they come on the due date) it will be about 8 weeks since I first placed my order. I'll have forgotten what I've ordered at this rate. :9:

But, give Amazon their due, they are keeping me informed by email.

I have had some items from QVC that arrived in a matter of a few days though, and it wasn't jewellery (which does usually come within 3 days.)
I have had a couple of orders from amazon that have not been quicker than been QVC,
I think Amazon are fantastic and QVC could certainly learn a thing or two from them. I remember once, QVC were selling a particular cookery book. It looked really good, but they were selling it for close to £20, which included their crazy p&p charges. I had a quick look on Amazon and lo and behold, there was the book, about £10 cheaper with low p&p charges AND it was delivered within 24hours!!
I use Amazon U.K. for a lot of items, the longest I have had to wait for anything to get here is 4 days......... and th P&P is only 50p over the normal rate....excellent Value and Service.
Amazon are brill on prices and on service.I am always impressed.
I used Amazon a lot for Christmas pressies and they were fantastic. I left a few things a bit last minute,and everything came in time-I had one package Christmas eve which had obviously been rushed through. The free p&p for orders £5 plus couldn't be beaten. Plus I saved a huge amount when I priced up the same items on the high street. Can you tell I am a fan lol!
Amazon are usually great although I only really use them for books and bits of electrical equipment now - for DVD's, CD's, games etc I use who are also excellent :)
Tried to resist but got to add my Amazon love too :)

I ordered sale shampoo and conditioner late yesterday and here it is this morning! Didn't really expect it so quick.

I've yet to have a bad delivery via Amazon but difference is even with the odd one going awry it doesn't compare with QVC's inability to get anything to me quick and I find increasingly I have to really want it and the price be fab to persuade me to fight my impatient side :(
Actually now I think about it whatever is QVC's excuse for such slow delivery?

Surely for the majority of items it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect to receive within say 3 days. Wakey, wakey QVC.
Actually now I think about it whatever is QVC's excuse for such slow delivery?

Surely for the majority of items it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect to receive within say 3 days. Wakey, wakey QVC.

I was thinking the same.

Amazon - like QVC, must receive 1000's of orders each day - why do QVC seem to take longer to despatch them?
And they charge ridiculously high p&p and charge it for EACH item, the cheeky b*ggers!
I have been waiting nearly a week for a returns lable so I can send an order back that was incorrect. I will then have to lug the parcel to the post office and wait for weeks to get a refund. I'm not even getting the order as it had sold out. I am very annoyed with QVC and will not be ordering anything without serious consideration first.

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