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<img src=" Offers - Email.JPG" border="1" alt="GemsTV" title="GemsTV" hspace="4" width="75" height="221" align="right" />All this week on <a href="" target="_blank">GemsTV</a> you can expect to receive some of the most fantastic offers ever. <br /><br />They are giving you the opportunity to receive:<br /><br />Free P&P all week on every order! Not only this, but every order is guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.<br /><br />Double discount for all you lucky people who received our £5 vouchers throughout November. You’ll receive £10 off instead of £5!*<br /><br />Free GemsTV 2009 Calendar with every order, perfect to keep you organised throughout the New Year.<br /><br />So make sure you tune into GemsTV this week so you don’t miss out on these amazing Christmas offers.
OOh are these for us web buyers too, or just the privileged phone buyers who seem to get all the offers at the moment<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>

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