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Jun 24, 2008
Just had a quick look at Rocks tv, and on there was a praba I think thats what it was, necklace, anyway the starting price was £10,000, and it eventually went down to £490 or something, do they seriously think people believe its worth that much.

Watched for a bit longer and its the same with all the jewellery, thousands of pounds it costs, so do you ladies ever get any bargains, I've seen photos of some of the stuff you've bought, but do you really spend that much, or as I said am I missing something, and you buy at certain times
No- we don't all spend that much! (Well, not most of the time, anyway.)

Rocks & Co have items in all price ranges - lots of stuff for £50 or less (including some nice gold pieces with diamond accents). You must have happened to tune in when they were having an hour of high-end pieces. The cheapest thing I've bought from Rocks & Co was a pair of silver earrings for £9!

And take no notice of the start prices - as the presenters sometimes explain, these don't represent the worth or value of the items, and are just a place for the falling auctions to start. Nobody ever pays those start prices.

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