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Any good ?
I ordered it on easy pay to give it a try. I have a few lines creeping in and am a smoker :eek:
Hi Pinkearplugs, yes, liquid gold is definitely good! And if you have any doubts on what to do with it, just ask makeupqueen, who's our resident expert on all things Alpha H... But I have tried it and I would certainly recommend it!
I found the white gold excellent too. I used it on darl patches on my neck last year and they disappeared.
Dear MUQ, thanks, as ever, for the great advice! I hadn't realised that you use liquid gold every nigth and every morning too! I was tempted to try this too, but then chickened out, especially as I'm about to go away for three weeks in the sun and I thought I'd give my face a break from alpha H because I'm planning to work hard on the mother of all tans while I'm away! But I will definitely be trying that when I go back to alpha h. I have been using liquid harmony in the morning, which feels lovely, but you can tell it's not as strong or effective as liquid gold! Off to join that social group of yours!!! Cheers!
Wow MUQ, another great idea! I think I have some of the balancing cleanser as it came in one of the kits I got but haven't tried it. But I will just HAVE to use it as a mask tonight!!!!:p
Thanks MUQ
Im such a nutcase and got a micrdermabrasion kit from Roc and so tried it out this morning with good results. I put on my L`oreal deep wrinkle stuff, went out in the sun to Asda and came home burnt to a crisp. I should have used factor 40 i think :mad:
MUQ, Thanks again (my thanks button's gone!). Sorry to hear about your sunburn Pinkearplugs, it is worth being careful with these products, I hope you'll have better luck with Alpha H!
hi me again silly sausage , yeh you try it tonight if you got abit of time on your hands, like i do it when ime sat emailing , if you got time leave it on as long as you can, i leave mine on and forget ive got it on , like if your watching tv or something , and then when you take it off just run your hands under the tap but not so there soaking wet , and then just give your face a good lather with it ,it does kind of lather but not a soapy lather if you know what i mean ,

my philosophy is like with cleanser is not to wet it down to much ,
i hope this helps , take care karina ,xxx

MUQ, as I type this, I have my face covered in Alpha H balancing cleanser... What am I like???:D
ahhhhhh great stuff , thats me girl ,LOL..LOL now leave it on as long as you can ,
then put your gold on tonight , one thing with alpha h its really quick to use ,
good for you S.S best of luck xxxkarina

Just to report back... I'm busy packing for my hols at the moment (I'm a last minute frantic/panicky packer), so I got carried away and I forgot about the cleanser drying on my face so I am not sure how long I had it on for, but it must have been about an hour... Anyway, when I finally got round to wash my face my skin was really really smooth, so I think that's a great result! I shall use my balancing cleanser as a mask at the moment, especially since I would like to try their masks but can't afford them at the moment! So, this is definitely worth a try! Thanks MUQ (thanks button has gone AWOL again...)
sorry the posts on my page dont come up at the right times its like 2 hours behind so i dont get to see the recent posts , so enoying ,

ok well liquid gold theres two ways of useing it , ok , well for me the best way i like that i see a difference with , is to use the gold in the morning and at night , for 7 days , and then follow with your face creams , but 3 nights a week just put on the gold on its own as a real intense treatment , you can do this more if you want to it dosnt hurt ,

also if you use the serums they musnt go underneath the liqiud gold or on top as they dont mix and you would just be waisting there uses, so if you do use the serums just use them in the morning , as with them its kind of a tricky because you cant use them all together with the gold, as well i hope this helps you ,

MUQ does Alpha H have anything that is especially for fine lines aound the mouth? I'm 56 and always used good skin care products from the age of 14 the last 3 months very fine lines have just started:( Need to treat them as soon as possible.
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Thanks MUQ I've printed your reply so I can remember what to do:) Liquid Gold should arrive any day now.
I hope mine arrives tomorrow. After being silly today with the dermabrasion thing, should i wait till say Saturday before using LG ?
I disagree that alpha-h routinue is quick, if you use the serums it is long winded as you have to leave time between applying them and creams.

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