Alpha H lady on now


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i like this lady.she has amazing skin so her products work..her own shop front.
maybe a tad too much hairspray though. bless!
I just love it when she says really strictly ' I don't do fluff and puff'...makes Ali Young look meak and mild.

I love that bit too. None of this vague fluffy nonsense some of the others come out with.

You wouldn't argue with her though would you? That's why she's got a bit of a helmet head look going on - nobody's been brave enough to tell her!

AY could have but she decided not to cos Alpha H lady sometimes has the temerity to carry on speaking when AY interrupts her! ;)
^^lol, behave!

I think she's a great spokesperson for her range. Alpha-h is serious business, that is what I like about her range. She always says that Alpha-h doesn't focus much on 'nice flowery smells' because they are so results-driven. Or that 'most toners are inert', and just sit on the skin doing nothing.' All of that is true.

I have only really had sustained and real anti-ageing results from Gatineau, Alpha-H and KarinHerzog (which isn't available on qvc anymore). These particular skincare ranges do not focus much on 'smell' and 'texture'. In my experience, Elemis smells and feels lovely, but for me Elemis products are not worth the pricetag for seeing hardly any results on my own skin.:

Went for the liquid gold supersize by the way, which is now on waitlist! :rock:
She is right about the toner stuff most ranges just contain water and nice botanicals ie :liz earle and decleor.
But i use garnier clean and fresh and have had astounding results this contains fruit enzymes also molton brown skin toner packed with botanicals and grapefruit does the same thing both cost me £3 albeit that the mb was in fenwicks sale....

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