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Jun 25, 2008
Was that supposed to be an hour of alexandrite just now? It started at about 10 past 12, Angeline sold three individual rings and then three together, and then said that was the last piece for the half hour and the last piece altogether. She was done and dusted before half past - 20 minutes max. And now she's selling an owl! The first ring was off the web-site and went for £10 less than the time out price - it was due to go round again at about 2pm. But what about white gold? Pendants? Earrings? I was tempted by the rose gold ring, but thought I'd wait and see what else came up.

I know i thought i'd watch the hour, like you said it didn't even start until after 12.10 then it was all over in under 20 minutes.
What a let down!
I'm glad it wasn't just me - I thought I must've mis-heard! They must've pulled it because no-one was buying :(

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