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Sep 4, 2008
i sincerely hope the rumours of alan and barry returning to create and craft aren't true. Why on earth would they do that to us?
I swear i will throw up if they bring them back
i just cannot stand alan acting like a spoiled 4 year old or the really awful samples they produce :puke:
Gee, I can hardly contain my excitement, mind I will miss the first half hour, I will be watching that other dead loss programme BBLB. LOL
Well, they're back - they've just been on now on the Christmas weekend preview - they jumped out of a big blue box...eek, scary stuff!
Go on now go
Walk out the door
Just turn around now
'Cuz you're not welcome anymore.

The last atom of my enthusiasm for C&C died this evening.
At least we had more variety in their day :thinking2:

Love them or hate them, they did bring more varied crafting hobbies to the TV.
A lot of forum members complain about card making being on all the time, at least when they were on we saw more varied craft items...not everything may have been to your liking maybe because they catered for male crafters as well. They had encaustic art, pyrography, metal working kits, glass painting, picture frame making, beading and even making silver jewellery.
Also they did make samples, they may not have been very good but they had a go, SW rarely makes any, just makes cow eye and giggles a lot to the camera. One more thing, all the good products that are on now e.g. Jonna Sheen, Crafters Companion and the Glitter Girls etc. were all made popular in Alan and Barry's time at Ideal World.
Sorry, but A & B are too loud for my liking. I watched one of their weekly videos on their site a couple of years' ago - they were so over the top, it was nauseating, and I never watched them again. I know I do not like SW, but I'd rather have her than that pair :puke:
I switched over at some stage in the evening and just saw Loen and Andy rabbiting on about a blue snowman, I didn't linger so I missed out on Alan and Barry .:54:
Relax guys...They are just guest presenters for the xmas cracker shows only!!
and not returning to Ideal World....

I know this through an email they sent me from their Alan & Barry craft site

Hope this helps to squash the rumours...

Luv Mirabelle xx

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