Airport security and the craft tsv


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Jun 24, 2008
Has anybody else listened in wonder how Dawn keeps clearly saying you can take the TSV which has a cutting blade as handluggage on board planes ?
That maybe her experience it's not something I would like to risk at airport security.
If I'd not checked prior to arrival it's an expensive piece of equipement to dump at the airport.
Wonder if someones checked with all airlines ?????
Yes you can BUT you end up walking funny cause airport security are ruff when it comes to those searches.
I wouldn't want to but it does seem a big selling point since Dawn has just had hers to South Africa and back.
But I would have thought to clearly say you can take it on board a plane you would have had to check with all airlines.

I wouldn't risk a pair of nail scissors or nail clippers never mind a cutting blade if I had/used one.
I'd like to know how she managed to use the slce whilst cramped in an aircraft seat, think of all the mess on the floor. Of course she probably flew upper class not economy like most of us. OK I'm only jealous.

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