Advice please asap... Tahitian pearl


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Very quick answer because I'm going to bed BUT you'd never be able to buy the same thing on the High Street for that price. You'd be looking at at least double or more.

I have some gorgeous TPs from GemsTV. However, do a search on this forum because they are treated ...... if that doesn't bother you then go for it.
That's from the same range as mine Suzy, I love the pearls on yellow but it's not to everyone's taste. I like the softer look this gives opposed to the stark black and white. It's very good value at £100, but beyond that I'm not qualified to advise on the quality of the pearls. Mine is worth what I paid to me - can't quite remember now £120/£129 - simply for the pleasure I get from it. xxx
yes, i saw from link u gave that wg is preferred, but im like you, i think the pearl stands out more against gold, and i also like to look like im wearing gold lol..

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