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Sep 14, 2008
just,in a moment of madness,won a web game,patroke kunzite 5.6cts,£311. Is this a great bargain,which I thought 5 mins ago,or should I bin it and buy treats for the dog? What would you gals do?
Hi nannieA, That does seem a really good price for the ct weight size of patroke kunzite what is the colour like?what is the item number? When they were launched on gemstv you couldn't even buy 1 ct for that price. What sort of dog have you got nannieA, I've got a Yorkshire Terrier and she loves her treats sooo much!
If you put up the item code Nannie, we can do a link and have a look, be able to give a more informed opinion then (not that I'm an expert, but someone on here usually knows what's good and what's not:thumbup:)

Oh and a very warm welcome by the way.

Hi Mad4Gems and PandaBear,thanks for replying I,m new at this and can't seem to find product id although I've clicked everywhere :33:,just UVL7525 but don't think this is good enough,I've a border terrier/jack russell who believes I'm his servant.
It does look beautiful but what would worry me is the possible fading. Kunzite can and does fade and I would assume that Patroke Kunzite wouldn't be any different so I personally wouldn't risk that kind of money just in case. However, I'm a tightfisted Scot and my dogs are my life so in my case the dogs would win hands down! :Laughing1:
Hi nannieA, are you new to the forum? If so, a big welcome. That ring looks absolutely beautiful and a real bargain at that price. Klos is right, kunzite does fade, but if you don't go out in bright sunlight too much with it, it should give you much enjoyment for a long time. If I were you, I'd get it home for a close inspection!
Hi Gals,thanks for the advice,in the end common sense won out and I removed it and decided to spend the money on frivolities like food ,heating and a roof over the head. I am experiencing a period of mourning however hope to find something nice for less money.

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