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Feb 15, 2009
Hi All
Yesterday I took my first look at Rocks tv. The prices looked too good to be true. Can anyone give me advice about the quality and service? I am tempted but haven't taken the plunge yet.
Thanks in advance.
You can safely believe rubytuesday. Their products are great and their CS second to none. If anything does go wrong, they fall over backwards to put it right. I would highly recommend them.
Hi Ruby,

Welcome. Rocks.TV can be a little hit and miss quality wise, but more hit than miss - especially given the prices. However, if you are unfortunate enough to receive anything faulty or simply not to your liking, the customer service is excellent and by far the best I have ever experienced.

You really only need to look through the threads on this forum to get your answers. Personally, I think you can order with impunity as there really is nothing to lose. I have ordered loads of pieces from them, with very few returns or problems all of which have been dealt with in good humour and entirely to my satisfaction.

All the best and have fun shopping.

hi Ruby
i have been shopping with them since they began and had countless orders with them all of which have been fantastic and you will not find any company that looks after you more than the customer service team they have at rocks.good luck in your first purchase.
hi ruby

Ditto all of the above. Rocks seems too good to be true but it isn't! I've ordered loads (and I mean loads!) of things from there - some I've sent back but only two items due to them being faulty, which out of well over 100 items, isn't bad! I would imagine in terms of the quantities they sell, it's a fairly low percentage that is faulty. If you don't like the item you can send it back within 30 days for a full money back guarantee and if the item is faulty, they will refund the postage; there has never been any quibble. There is just nothing else to compare for the prices and their suggested valuations always are conservative.

So go ahead, order one or two items first and see what you think; I'm sure you'll soon be as addicted as we all are!

Happy bidding ! :))
Hi Ruby

The CS is really good, that shoudl reassure you.
The prices are on the low side, which does result sometimes in faulty items: i had to return a couple of things which were faulty.
It is very addictive and I am not logging in anymore as you tend to get swept away in a wave of buy-buy-buy
Jewellery is fine and much much cheaper than in the HS
I've bought a few pieces and been very pleased with them. Check out all the posts (and gorgeous) piccies by satisfied customers. If CS is good ,which it is, then you have nothing to lose.... except a load of £'s on your cc!
Go for it Rubytuesday. I've bought loads and not been disappointed yet. My friends and family are amazed at all my lovely jewellery and really happy when I buy them something from Rocks as a gift. One drawback is that once you start shopping you won't be able to stop - you'll get hooked like the rest of us Rockaholics.
I have bought from them since they started and have found them friendly,helpful,excellent value and fun to deal with. The chat and the banter is great and the returns are dealt with very quickly. So take the plunge hun,I have paid more for a burger and chips than I have for some lovely items from them that will last a lot longer than that quick snack.LOL

I went to Rocks recently for an open day and they are as nice in real life as they appear on the screen. Steve the owner is lovely and so is his wife as well as the staff .
Hope you get something really nice that you can treasure.
By the way I am Carattop on Rockstv. xxx
I cant add anything more than whats already been said except beware its an addiction once you start buying you cant stop lol
Go for it ruby - but heed the others' warning - seriously addictive! I've had about 40 items, sent back a few but only because they didn't suit me - nothing faulty so far...I introduced two other people, both of whom have spent about six times what I have, and one of whom is taking orders from others who are too shy to go on there! :1:

Hi carattop!
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hi ruby daz10 here agree with all thats been said i also have bought 1 or 2 items, lol no problems as yet all good any problems are sorted very swiftly. so buy and enjoy
Thanks to everyone's advice I received my first order today. Very pleased with item, service and price. Will be buying again. Thanks again.

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