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Jun 24, 2008
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Hi guys

Am needing some advice (know you guys are the best!)

I have been very lucky (apart from turning 40 that is) and recently got a teal blue diamond ring, which I love, heres a link (hopefully)

I had money left over and had been looking for a wee pendant, , one I could wear every day. It arrived today ... I LOVE IT!! its a whole lot nicer than the pic too!

Heres the link though

I love them both but love the colour of the blue of the pendant more... the ring glitters, the pendant sparkles

I think the ring has rhodium plating behind the diamonds, it looks to be black behind the diamonds so they are a darker colour ... I never saw the ring on telly before I bought it, apart from the details on pic from shopper (Jim ... aww he is soo lovely) and it didnt say anything about the plating on the details

This is where I need advice

Do you guys know if theres a way of getting rid of the black plate (i mean at a jewellers etc)? or would I need to get a jeweller to totally make me a new mount etc for the stones ?

... I do love the design of the ring, wouldnt change that ...

thanks for any advice given
If it helps any, I like the pendant better, but then I am not really a ring person.

For the advice you need try PMing Meeshoo, she might be able to help more. xxxxxxx
No need to PM - I'm here!

The ring has definitely been black rhodium plated - but this would never appear on the details I'm afraid.

The only way to get rid of this is to take out all the gemstones (a jeweller, not you!), strip it back and then white rhodium plate it all. Set the stones and touch up the white rhodium on the claws. Once done, it's highly unlikely you'd have to do it again. They will need to somehow take the black rhodium plate off though otherwise the white rhodium, when it wears off (and it will over time) will show the black underneath.

I'm not sure how much this would cost but it's unlikely to be cheap because there's quite a lot of work involved. Why don't you contact Outwork because I know they undertake all sorts of jobs and they may be able to do it at a reasonable price.

Edit: One thing to warn you about - that ring has a ton of claws. When they're white they will stand out - are you okay with that?
hi guys

thanks for the replies, and thanks to Meeshoo for the invaluable advice!

I sat for a while today looking at the claws on the pendant (since they are white gold) and I think I like the contrast of the white more than the black

I will contact outwork I think, see what they say ... one of my friends might be going to India on holiday in the new year .. they know a jeweller there (you should see her diamonds!) might see how much he would take to re-do the ring too .....

Thanks again though guys
hey guys

a wee update for you ....
I spoke to outworks last week about my ring, sent it away last Wednesday. I got it back yesterday!!!!!


I LOVE IT!!!!!
it looks like a totaly different ring ... its soo beautiful!!!

Will try to get a decent pic of it over the weekend, so you can see the difference yourselves

thanks again


huge hugs to Meeshoo for her invaluable advice !!!!!
Great Faerie, looking forward to seeing your 'new' pieces in the flesh :4:
hi guys

sorry for the delay in posting the pics (I hope)

hope you like!!


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