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Jun 24, 2008
decided yesterday to cancel my elemis advanced order due on the 14th june. recieved email today saying i was to late guess what just been on account to find its been shipped today so i have to go to the trouble of sending it back i don't think they do there selves any favours.
elemis usually comes by courier...if you had already called to cancel, i would be tempted to refuse the may still be hit with the postage charges (or you may be lucky and get a full refund!) either way, it should save you both the hassle and the postage charges to send it back!
Going off at a tangent, I see they now charge a set-up fee instead of postage on the repeat deliveries. I suspect that so many people are cancelling their auto-deliveries that QVC don't make enough profit out of the p&p charges.


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