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Sep 18, 2009
Is it just me or is anyone else becoming increasingly ticked off with QVC never mentioning their prices are without the VAT added on. When you go shopping in the high st, the items have the final price on the ticket but time and time again i find myself spending an average of about £7-10 EXTRA once the VAT has been added to not only the item but the bloomin postage as well.

Before i contact them to complain that they should have the final price up on the screen, i wondered if anyone else has complained and what the reponse was.
I thought the price on the screen is the price you pay. I know they split out the VAT on the invoice but the total is the price they show.
The VAT is shown on the invoice as a breakdown - I've never paid more than what is advertised? I'd be annoyed if I did!
I thought it was the final pice on the screen?

I'm afraid it isn't. e.g. the recent Kipling TSV was on screen at £27.97 once the vat added it was 32.16. once postage+VAT of £3.95 was added the final price was 36.11. :down:
Not an added extra

Hi :hi:,
I checked my last invoice for the Ojon rub out dry shampoo and the VAT breakdown was not an extra. The price was exactly as stated on screen in the total value column, as was the P&P.
I'm sure that Kipling bag was shown at the correct price. It is actually illegal to display a price without vat in this country. You can show the before vat price but you have to show the final price too. Matalan got into trouble over this when they first opened as they only showed the pre-vat price. I definitely never saw the lower price on that bag!
After reading all your comments i stand corrected. I must have misunderstood. Thanks very much:blush::blush:

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