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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone just seen the gorgeous Canary Yellow Diamond ring on Rocks & Co? Only one of them, 0.70 carats, VS quality in a beautiful style - my dream ring at only £799. Guess what? I was oooing and ahhhhing about it when my hubby said "why don't you buy it?" I picked myself off the floor and grabbed the phone only to see it disappear from the screen as someone else bought it!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am absolutely gutted!! I think he timed it to perfection mind you - deliberately!

Just off to cry now! :Sad:
Hi SCW, no there isn't a pic on their site - at least I can't see one through the tears!! :notfairsign:
I am very, very sorry Klos - it was me.

Got all excited after my sister got the white diamond one yesterday, missed another white diamond one earlier today, but set in white gold. Saw the yellow one, thought it would be too much but it wasn't so rang up straight away.

Don't know what else to say :31:
Miss Kitty I used to like you!!!! :Fighting:

No honestly I am really glad it's someone I know (well sort of know) who got it. It's a stunning ring and your taste my dear is excellent :Thumbsup: You have to put pics on here so I can have another cry when I see what I missed :Shock:

I hope you totally love it and have loads of good times wearing it - she says through gritted teeth! :Bum1:
Oh dear Klos, am feeling your pain.....:32:

Why don't you get yourself over to Gems1, they are selling some high end diamonds for silly prices...and there are some coloured diamonds up for grabs as well.

Well done to Miss K though, I missed seeing that ring, but it sounds an absolute belter. Very partial to yellow diamonds me. :mysmilie_738.gif:
Oh nooo Klos sorry you didn't get the yellow diamond ring, I didn't see it but they are doing a few yellow diamond rings at the moment so maybe another one will come on the screen (think positive:1:) that is the 'one' for you

Well done Miss Kitty though ring sounds fab:1:
Thanks Sacha but I'm really disillusioned with Gems just now. I have spent a small fortune over the past 1-2 years but I ordered 4 rings a couple of weeks ago and sent 3 back! They were very poor quality and I was so disappointed. I sent more back with that one order than I have during all the rest of the time I've been a customer!
Sorry to hear that Klos flower, hope the ring you did keep was lovely.

So wishing you good luck with getting your dream ring from Rocks & co then.

Its sod's law - Gems website seems to have gone down ......again!
I saw the ring and it was a stunner. Well done Miss Kitty and condolences to you Klos. I would look on the bright side though Klos, as hubby gave his blessing, you can be on the lookout for something else that takes your fancy not just window shopping. :D
:1: Oh yes klos you must now make it your mission ,i wouldnt need telling twice that i could .....go girl xx
Bad luck Klos, and well done Miss Kitty!

I think BC's point is a very good one Klos - I'd start doing some serious looking now! :D
Congratulations Miss Kitty!:1:
Commiserations Klosblue.:17:But you do now have the go-ahead to treat yourself to one and that's a comforting thought on a rainy day.:59:
Just don't wait for hubby's 11th hour timing next time.
Something v similar was on about 10 minutes ago. Was on the blower to muvva, so didn't get the details. It was £20 cheaper & seemed to have more diamond - 0.76?
Well done Miss Kitty on getting the diamond ring (hope it shows up soon btw).

Poor you Klosblue on missing it this time. Fingers crossed you'll get just what you want very soon. They do seem to be having some great prices on diamonds atm. Good Luck.

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