A third of the massive haul!


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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
HI all,

Right, only got one of packages today, slight problem with the other (larger) one, which I am sure I will get shortly.

Right here goes........

Silver Pearl pendant and White Organza Ribbon

Love this, definitely a keeper, so pretty and love pearls anyway!

Silver an Pearl Pendant with Grey Organza Ribbon

Well, I just had to have the other version with the peacock pearls, and I am glad I did as I love them both equally.

Pearl and Onyx earrings

I bought these to go with my necklace and bracelet. They are a bit longer than I normally wear, but I quite like them and I think they are unusual. And how I love unusual items!

White quartz bracelet

Well as its hearts, I can't resist and its lovely. Very wearable.

now for the one I am undecided about.....

White topaz and rose gold watch

I bought my first rose gold ring (with the order I havent received yet) and now love rose gold. I saw this watch for a bargain £27 so had to get it. However, I don't have small wrists, they are not huge either, but I think it looks rather small and not quite right on my wrist. And I so wanted to love this watch. I will have to think about it. Also it only just fits, I wear it one the largest hole. I don't want to keep it if it doesnt suit me, but I love the rose gold plating and it was such a bargain. What shall I do?

Well when my other package arrives, there will be more, much more lol BTW, thanks to OH for the great pics!!!
wow - what a lovely haul you have there, valleygirl! Personally, I love the watch and think it suits your wrist; if you find it's a bit snug, perhaps you could make an extra hole?

Enjoy wearing it all & I look forward to further instalments!
Lovely lot you have there! I adore the pearls and the watch is lovely. Would you consider changing the strap? I know from personal experience that if I feel something isn't 'perfect' it tends to languish in a drawer. :1:
Lovely selection enjoy wearing them,ive been after the pink watch it looks pretty x
Very nice haul. I think the watch suits you very well and, if I were you, I would consider buying a new strap for it.
Lovely haul VG can't wait to see the rest :) The watch looks lovely on you so if you can change the strap I would keep it.
A lovely selection, your watch looks really nice, I like the iridescence on the face of your watch.:1:
Hi Valleygirl

I am so glad you liked the peacock pearl pendant that I was encouraging you to get. I love the watch it is really pretty. I only got the last part of my order too, my big bag didn't arrive either I was so disappointed but I'm sure that Rocks will sort it out quickly for us.

Love it, love it, love it Valley. I adore the pearlies nestling in their 'shells', Brat bought me the black onyx and pearl earrings and necklace for Mothers Day and my Mum has bought me the matching bracelet. I LOVE the watch, I'm sure you can find another strap, it seems such a shame not to keep it, it looks lovely on you.

Like them all valleygirl - although I'm trying not to buy just now, the peacock pearl pendant fell in my basket too !! I agree with what's been said, see if you can change the strap on the watch as it's liable to sit in its box if you're not totally happy. Looking forward to the next instalment.
I hope you don't mind if I just make a comment regarding the above suggestions; imho I think that changing the strap on the watch will completely change the look - the colour of the strap complements the watch face. Have a good think about it before you decide (and let us know what you do) xx
Yeah, thanks LD, if I changed the strap I would definitely keep it to pink. The only thing which I have noticed is that, the buckle is also rose gold plated and if I replaced the strap I would lose that, and it would not go with the rest of the watch. I am still undecided because of this. What shall I do? Help!!!
Honestly Valley, if you can get another pink strap, I don't really think it'll matter if the clasp isn't rose gold plated, it'll be under your wrist, who's going to see it?

errrrr.......I've made up my mind....I am keeping it nerner :9:

Yes honestly, I really do want it!! but will I wear it? grrrrr :33:

Send it back!!! I have kept a few items that I really wanted but will be honest they do sit in the box most of the times. Its only a bargain price if you wear it.

The way you are filling your trolley :53: I am sure you will find equally stunning piece that you will wear more often :)
Well what lovely things vg!
The pearlies look lovely on you.
As for the watch - it's been on my wish list, I did try a similar one which didn't fit, and I think that one would be better.
Keep it and change the strap if it's too small, I'm sure it won't be hard to find a pink strap. I really don't think the clasp is a big deal.
And it really suits your colouring.
Enjoy, whatever you decide.
Well I knew I was with my OH for a reason!!!!

I was telling him about this watch and how I would lose the rose gold plating if I got a new strap. So he said, why don't you just take it off and put it on new strap. I said don't be silly, you can't do that. At which point he grabbed a pair of tweezers and showed me that you can take off the buckle and put it on a new strap. My very words were "I LOVE YOU!!!" LOL

Yes he has his uses, so I am definitely keeping it and will get a new pink strap for it. yayyyyyy

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