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I am soooooo fed up with a certain jewellery channel flogging washed out, non-neon, Paraiba Tourmaline for high prices and saying it's top end when quite clearly it's rubbish.

By chance I saw this on TJC today. Almost top colour - certainly in the higher end for colour - unusual cut, not to everybody's taste and did have a window so the cut wasn't brilliant. BUT in my humble opinion, this would value at way more than the £499 it sold for. I'd rather buy this than the tat being sold elsewhere.

Well done TJC.


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I've just posted on another thread, I saw a gorgeous green 2ct paraiba on tjc (not the one in your pic) which went for £799. Later the same day, I saw a small, washed-out blue paraiba sell on Rocks & Co for £1200!

Still kind of kicking myself for not picking the phone up sooner... okay I saved myself from spending £799... but it was such a lovely ring and an incredible bargain compared to Rocks & Co!
I saw that ring on air Meeshoo and although it had a window the colour was amazing had it been in white gold i could have been tempted!
Lovely stone, gorgeous colour. I don't actually like the ring design at all but worth getting for the stone I would think. Nice!

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