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Hi folks

As you will have already seen from other threads, we had a great time at the open day. I'd like to thank everybody there for making it so memorable, it was great to meet the presenters and back room staff, who make shopping with Rocks a pleasure.

When we arrived (a lot later than most people), Steve was giving a talk about Rocks, how they do what they do, the ethos behind the company.

We broke for lunch, which was a lovely buffet, and then we were divided in to four teams. Sammi, Scorprio (MarieK), Daz, Bargainhunter and I were in Steve Bennett's team.

We were taken on a tour of the beautiful manor that is The Colourful Company's HQ. We saw where all the behind the scenes work goes on, the editing, the photographing of the pieces, saw Sarah B, modelling some of the jewellery, saw her Mum (who looks far too young to have a daughter with 4 children!!), saw where all the parcels get packed, and had a peek in to the vault where all the goodies are kept. We weren't allowed in, although that didn't stop bargainhunter from entering!

We were even allowed in to the studio, and it was fun reading the chat and having you guys say hello to us. Although, whoever said I look like Sharon Osborne is in for a battering:laugh:

We went in to Steve's office, then in to the conference room, where Tony got out the latest delivery of beautiful gemstones. They have some fabulous rubies, amazing chrome diopside, and the ones that really caught my eye were the colour change andesine :wow:. Also looked at PT, fire opals, fluorite and some big Moldavite.

After the tour, we went back to the marquee where Steve asked if we had any ideas for them, and then the day's visit was almost over, but not before we were each given a lovely gift, I got a beautiful briolette cut amethyst silver necklace, and the same design was also available in rose quartz.

It was great meeting some of the ST & Rocks chat people, and putting faces to the names.

I've take a few piccies, which I've been allowed to post, so say hello to:

Pic 1 - Alupha, Gemjunkie & Heff
Pic 2 - Heff & Gemjunkie
Pic 3 - Woolleybear
Pic 4 - Carattop, Gemjunkie, the Fosveks
Pic 5 - Miss Magpie & Gemjunkie (that woman gets everywhere:wink:)



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These two lovelies, are Scorpio and Sammi, and that bloke is someone who was in the studio (he was really ugly IRL:55:) and finally, Fosterer and the Catwoman



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Thanks for sharing M4G - it looks like you all had a wonderful time. I see what you mean about that chap in the studio.....:3:
What brilliant photos...thanks for posting them.

I really am going to have to try to get down there for the next open day!

PS..Jamesy, you're for it now!!! :58:
Ooooops, sorry, the lovely lady in the two pictures I thought was Heff isn't, it Balibray!!!

Thanks M4G :1: great pics, didn't intend to be in so many lol! :8: (My reasoning is, if I'm in enuff of them, by the law of averages one of them won't be too horrendous! :30:)

Great to meet everyone! Hope we can all meet again soon...
Ooooops, sorry, the lovely lady in the two pictures I thought was Heff isn't, it Balibray!!!


You had me worried there for a minute M4G... I was sitting next to Heff, and I began to think I'd completely forgotten what she looked like!

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