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Perhaps to make you feel like they're cutting prices to the bone and you're getting a bigger bargain??????? :4:
More like they are making an extra 95p of each customer! lol

They were selling a 1/4ct diamond eternity style 9K yellow gold ring the other day, sold for £49 ... they sold loads, think 20 to start, brought 15 more, went on like that for 4 or 5 auctions, and it was on again later that evening ...lost count of the amount they sold

ring was on again yesterday, in the clearance ... and sold for ..... £49.95 and again there were 10 (at least sold)

.... ok so I thought clearance meant something different ... like lower prices ???.... obviously not in their dictionary ......

I had posted in another thread, wondering if someone would give me the voucher codes (wont get mine until Monday and didnt want to miss out on a total bargain) ....I think though, I will wait until I get my voucher and the clearence is over and the prices are lower again!!!
Hmmmmm I'm noticing that this clearance isn't really very clearancy!

I've seen several pieces that I have been watching in the last few weeks and was hoping to snap up at a bargain price this weekend, but they are going for the same 'normal day' price or in some cases 95p more!!

Bit disappointing really, had my CC all warmed up ..... :sad:
I know it drives me mad they must think they don't have regular viewers/customers who know their prices! i think it just shows how little they think of their loyal customers!
I've got to say that it really pi$$ed me off too. I requested a necklace and was asked by the email studio team how much I'd seen it for and I told them £489. It then came on air and was £489.95 so basically more in the holiday clearance. I think it's incredibly misleading but I did want the necklace so got it anyway but that's not really the point is it?
I saw a platinum Tanzanite air @ £899 a few weeks ago and it timed out so they bought it back @ £799 and it sold, yesterday's clearance price.........£999.95 WHAT!!!!!!!
Surely its breaking some rule to state clearance? or is that how they get around it by not saying sale?
Grrrrrr Chloe keeps saying as we are in clearance you are going to get a fantastic price - she shows the target price, then drops it, but they always drop it from the target price anyway!

I've now seen lots of pieces I've seen before at same price or more - the mad, apparently unplanned Friday they had a couple of weeks ago where Meesh, myself and others all got .50ct diamond cluster earrings in platinum for 299 was much better value than the 'clearance' they are having now!

I've been really happy with TJC, but this now undermines that and makes me mistrust what they are saying - that can't be good PR surely?
To be fair Faerie I think they are personally - I've had some cracking good value pieces from them (some of them during their last clearance which did exactly what it said on the tin!).

I just really object to them telling us we are getting extra special deals during clearance when clearly we aren't!!

Might be better to wait for 'clearance' to be over and normal prices to resume - you will get a full selection to choose from then, without the added bonus of feeling hoodwinked .... :angry:
Its just occurred to me its a blooming cheek to sell items at the same price as normal or even more but to only give a 10 day money back guarantee!
I was wondering about the whole 95p thing last night, and came to the conclusion that it's just an easy way of getting pretty much an extra £1 from every item they sell.
Yeah, I was miffed too to see that extra .95p suddenly appear over the weekend. It means that some items are being sold at 5p less but most are nearly a pound dearer.

And is it just me, or are their prices creeping up in general?

Oh dear, TJC! After all the praise we've been heaping on you lately, don't go and ruin it!!!

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