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Sep 24, 2008
I know some of the Gems bods read this forum, and do appear to be helping us out, I would like to make a tiny request that 3 easy payments are considered at items lower than £297..

For me, it would make a huge difference if it was lowered to make this possible for items of say £150 onwards,

What do you all think fellow forum members?

I see alot of items that are not within my grasp at around the £150- £200 mark, it would help me no end.

This has come about as yeterday Adina was presenting a coloured diamond hour and stated seveal times that ALL the items were avail on easy pay, (i didnt think this was right at the time but I rang for 1 that was at £199 to be told it wasnt on easy pay and only items from £297 are/can be.

I did point out what Adina had intimated but didnt get very far.

Maybe its just me, but now n then I would like to treat myself :cash::cash: without the baked beans for tea saga.. lol.
I see what you say Suzy and have been disappointed myself from time to time, but I think if it gets too easy "thereby leads the road to hell" - lol. I'm very weak and would be in a constant state of owing to Gems. Not a good place to be if you have a sudden emergency situation. What you haven't yet received you can cancel, or return if it's too late, if things go belly-up. xxxxxxx
yes, I see what you mean, I suppose I could end up that way.. it wouldve been nice to have some kind of option or maybe that u can only have one easy pay running at a time. It makes me laugh sometimes how something like £999 over 3 months can be considered 'easy' lol.

I would prefer FREEasy payments lol.

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