£5 off if you introduce a friend e-mail


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Jun 24, 2008
Newark On Trent Nottinghamshire
£5 off if you introduce a friend e-mail

The more you share QVC with friends, the more you could save on shopping QVC
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Dear Jayne,

You know how good shopping is at QVC, but do your friends?

Of course, we understand you may want to keep us all to yourself. But the good news is that we have more than enough for everyone.

And there's something in it for you too. Here's how it works.

Tell six friends about us, and we'll take £5 off their first purchase >>

Then we'll credit your account with £5 every time a friend spends £25 or more. So you could reward yourself for being a good friend with up to £30 off a nice QVC treat.

So spread the word about us today. Then visit qvcuk.com and plan how you're going to treat yourself.
Go on, you deserve it.

Best wishes,

Sue Roscoe
Customer Care Manager

Except I told my parents, who purchased an item at full price of around £120 as they loved our TSV purchase (same item) and when the next day you reduced it to under £100 as an introductory offer, you told them 'tough'
I go this one too this morning Jayne - was just about to start a thread myself....

Do you think they are getting desperate?????
Its certainly a new approach for them - although lots of companies do that kind of thing.

Would be worth doing if you wanted say all the Sarah Chapman stuff - just get your friends to order it and pay them the amount - although I suspect that is not quite how QVC would like you to use it :)
£5 is not much though is it, where does a fiver go these days £20 would have been better
qvc are also making quidco request a registered email address with internet orders...shame they do not sort out the website, video links, information etc before all of this!
Here are my six friends
Trading Standards
The Office of Fair Trading
Consumer Direct
BBC Watchdog
Consumer Law

and last but not least good old Google where you can
find all the items sold on QVC cheaper and pay less P+P
OK QVC cough up
i just received the email. dark clouds are gathering over QVC towers...there was a time when they were sending out 50-60.000 orders per day. i would die to know what the figure has come down to. :33:
personally, i wouldn't bother a friend for a fiver...or are they suggesting we should give out info without the friend's consent! :11:
I got a similar card from JR no less, but mine just said I can get £5.00 off any order of £25.00 or more as long as I order before July 19th......did anybody else get this one?
:yeah: I quite agree Catkins!
I must have spent thousands of pounds over the last 14 or 15 years and it would be great if we could get a permanent incentive to keep on buying from them, such as loyalty points or similar which could be converted to money off just like other retailers such as Boots do for instance. whistler Some hopes of that ever happening though!
I think that's a brilliant idea Sheila. QVC Loyalty Points. Fantastic! I too have spent loads over the years and a card at Christmas offering me 3 easy payments doesn't quite cut it!!

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