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Jun 29, 2008
This arrived today...


I bought it from QVC's opal hour as I had the 3 easy pay option from the email they'd sent out. I'd never heard of Yowah nut opal before and thought there was no harm in having a look. It will be £72 per month for 3 months before it is paid for. I thought I'd know straight away whether I would keep it or not but I'm not sure as it seems such a lot of money. It is very unusual and there is some colour play. The gold seems substantial and it is an enhancer so I will be able to wear it with different necklaces and even pearls.

I am waiting on this arriving...

Look at the difference in price and colour play. It's not so big or mounted in gold and whether I ever get round to getting it set is doubtful as in my experience it's always expensive and time consuming...therefore, should I keep the QVC one as it will get worn? It does seem an expensive piece of jewellery when you compare it with the prices on ebay but they are unset. What would you do? What do you think of Yowah opal...I'd love your valuable, knowledgeable feedback :). (Just noticed this should be a non-shopping telly jewellery thread...oops!)
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Hi Huggles. I love opals but this seems a lot of money. My personal opinion would be to wait for the other one to arrive and than decide.

Some colour play makes me think you are not bold over and at that price you should have gone Wow!!

It's hard to tell from the pic Huggles on the true colour play of that opal. I would say give it a day or two and if you're still unsure send it back. In my experience, unsureness over a gem purchase means not really happy with it!! It's a lot of money for something you don't love.
Wow - you lucky thing! I would have loved to purchase the nut opal however, I didnt have the the money unfortunately. I wonder how many QVC had in stock? I cant imagine it was very many.

I would keep the QVC opal, or at least keep hold of if for the 30 day period. That way you can truely see if you want to keep it.
I can't tell you what you should do Huggles, nobody can but I would say, for goodness sake don't just leave it in its box & peer at it every so often hesitantly...for goodness sake put it on a chain & wear it, that's the only way you'll decide if you really do like it or not! :)
I bet the one QVC showed on air was the best of the bunch - opals are SO variable!

I'd be willing to bet that you haven't quite got what you were expecting and that's why you're not sure.

The eBay one looks really pretty - hope it arrives soon so you can make a good comparison.
You girls give such good advice,it took me a long time to understand that you need to fall in love when you open the box ,if not you will never be fully satisfied,a bit like men really you just learn to put up with their flaws. I bought a colour change garnet from Gems this week,lovely stone but looked exactly like a pink tourmaline,didn't change colour,so I followed my own advice and sent it back. Wondered if it had got mixed up?
my twopence, I agree with the above ~ if you didn't go OMG this is gorgeous when you opened the box then I think this is not for you...... but I would wear it a few days just to be sure (and let your friends see it!!) and then send it back.
Thanks for all the feedback :). I am sending it back. If it had even been £100 less I think I'd still feel the same...there is just not enough colour play for the money. I also have my eye on another opal ring on another shopping channel so that will make up for the disappointmemt and save me a lot of money. Thanks again everyboby, I know you are impartial...where as...my friends wouldn't want to say the 'wrong' thing in case I blame them for keeping it/ sending it back :rolleyes:, as if!
Not too sure of the first one as it looks odd colour display to me..I have a yowah boulder opal and it pops with colour of blue greens violets etc ,i got it from opalauctions and it was easy to set ..its fab ....as we all say you need the wow factor when u first see something,my loose stone cost me £40 so the qvc does seem expensive to me x
I agree with most people who have given you advice Huggles. If it didn't make you fall in love with it when you opened the box then it never will. I think you have made the right decision. Save your hard earned for something that makes you happy when you wear it.X

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