you too could be as "classy" as me....... lol


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Jun 24, 2008
Well ive had an interesting 5 weeks trying to find a parcel that i had sent back to Rocks.... all done in the usual way so no problem then ???

To cut a long story short i recieved a letter today from the post office saying that they couldnot find it ...and as a sign of good will they were willing to compensate me with ...wait for it not 1,not 2 but 6 first class stamps ....!!!!!!

well u can imagine my pleasure cant you?? so as i have no friends to write too, nor no money to pay bills ive used said stamps else where ... now i have four left so think i might go for a pendant and earrings next ...

But if you ladies would like something customized im willing to share.......

ON A SERIOUS NOTE : Thankyou to Katherine and John Bennett fab CS service as ever....see katherine i said i could do Origami....


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So what is happening now then, I assume you are out of pocket.

Oh and I think M4G will be along soon for an earring set, you know how she likes her bling. :4:
First class idea, Scorps! It is vaguely reminiscent of cameo jewellery I feel. Do enjoy wearing your classy new bling, dahling! xx
Fabulous darling, have you emailed pics to Sarah, she could probably incorporate this idea into one of her ranges I reckon.
Shame you're too late for this year's Oscars, I'm sure Kate Winslett would have modelled it for you!
Nice to see someone dealing with adversity with a smile hun, well done you.
I'd hang on to them. The way RM are putting the prices up they'll be worth more than your bling in a couple of years
Well, while I admire your creativity, Scorps.... I'm really not sure that the colour does much for you..... I see you in a nice Christmas special stamp:4: medley, or perhaps the richer shades of the 56p stamp..... but if you only have beige, you only have beige..... and at least you can get a matching set.....:4: :4:
Thanks for joining in my way of dealing with this... hope you all dont think ive lost the plot[probably have] but it was either that or get carried of somewhere and never be seen again !!!!!xx
Just had thought - if you got some 2nd class stamps as well, you could mix 'n' match - or on very slow days, just wear the 2nd class ones then people will know not to rush you :)

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