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Miss Kitty

AKA Broomstick Babe
Jun 24, 2008
Bought on the web two nights ago. Got a call today to tell me that my order was OK apart from some missing stock. The lady who called was very nice & friendly but as this was my first order I was a little miffed.

When I complained & asked for some sort of recompense, I was offered RAC200.

Since I had already used it on the order with the missing stock it wasn't much of a 'sorry we've messed up your first order' gift. :rolleyes:

Still, at least they bothered to call.

Will let you know what the stuff is like when it arrives.
Happened to me too, I saw a ring on air, it was a promo to see who was watching! It was up for grabs for £1.07 (Green amethyst and Rose de France). Needless to say lines were fully engaged!!. Anyway was buying another ring I had my eye on and saw the amethyst on the web for £1.07, added it to my order and was quite pleased to see it wasn't rejected. Got a phone call on Friday to say that the computer was playing up and shouldn't have taken the order for the amethyst. Hopefully it will be deleted from my order as the last time I looked it was still there.:33:
Sorry to all that missed out on this item, as you can imagine the demand for this piece was exceptional and due to the price the product was oversubscribed and our computer and call centre had problems keeping up with the demand. We hope to bring you more value items like this stay tuned.

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