Yippee!!! No More Earring Screwbacks!!


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At last!! Normal butterfly backs have made a very welcome return!! :cheer: Now all I want is a pair of 18ct w/g or platinum princess cut studs. ;) :pPC:
Oh! ppc you are brave i bought a platinum pair last yr and im so thankful they are screw backs i know i deffo wont lose em . Happy Hunting sorry forgot to say at first.
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FFS!! This channel really makes it difficult to buy from. :HUMP: They just auctioned a One To Own pair of Iliana 50pt princess cut studs (perfect for my 2nd hole) which clearly looked to be normal backs when Derrick was showing them but when I went to checkout and looked at the item code 563117 they are showing as feckin screwbacks!! :YIKES: So wtf am I buying?? :mad: Also I have a £10 voucher code which although it clearly states can be entered on the web.... I am getting this message.....This discount can not be used from Web. I feel like giving up tbh. :( :pPC:
ppc i saw those and yes they did look like normal studs the ones that were shown on the screen i would email the studio and ask. i was thinking of you when i saw them and hoped you managed to bag them . hope you get a good result .
I had the same problem with a voucher when i placed my last order, i gave up in the end and lost my £10 discount as i didn't want to loose my item and CS was closed.
I saw the one to own this morning and noticed they were NOT screw backs so i was about to post and tell you but when i went to add the link i noticed the screw post and thought i better not post in case i had got it wrong but i was sure they were post and butterfly, hope you get it sorted.
Thanks girls for verifying what I saw on screen. Well I checked out my order anyway as I didn't want to risk them being taken out of my basket which I know can happen. :rolleyes: If they do turn up as screwbacks then I shall return them regardless as they shouldn't show one thing and send out another. :pPC:
At least they are on the way now, hope they are post and butterflies i'm sure they will be as 3 of us saw that they were on tv so i can't see how they would be screw backs.
Hi PPC .. (I remember a post like this yonks ago) AND I still soooo much agree with you ... butterfly's are the way to go .. I prefer them BUT..

I was lucky enough to have the chance to own of a pair of Princess Cut Earrings 2ct from TJC (my gosh they are brill) I have small ear-lobs (lobs?? lobes) amazingly enough they do fit an don't flop all over the place BUT..

lol.. they really scare me and I panic bigtime 'cos I always seem to turn them the wrong way EEK can't seem to get to grips with which way to turn them to loosen them ..

then I panic more when I can't get them out & they end up pinching my ears... all very Scary!!!

So yes .. TJC more secure butterfly's .. less screwbacks :35:

Hope yours turn out ok PPC xx
LOL What a kerfuffle. :D Wow Jill, princess 2 caraters....I'd love to see those for a good old drool. :32: :pPC:
Yes Gemcherub they arrived yesterday and they are normal backs. :cheer: :pPC:

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