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Feb 18, 2019
Once upon a time many many years ago I succumbed to the hope and purchased one of the Protocol TSV equivalents from Ideal World 😱. Did nothing for me. Anyway I’ve recently received several emails from “James” informing me they’re still here & today I’ve had an email letting know there’s a wonderful new “Health & Beauty” channel launching on 24 May! Apparently they will be selling their products plus Elizabeth Grant (thought they’d now migrated to QVC) and other favourites that were on IW. Not clear from the email who exactly they are so I need to do some digging. I’ve got to admit I’ve had several products from EG that I did like - just not sure they’re wholly transparent (truthful!). Seems a very far fetched back story - or at least a very edited one. Felt they were better than IW but maybe QVC didn’t work out

Anyone else seen anything??? Just what we need another channel pushing products with dodgy provenance
I've had an email as well, there's a couple of videos on you tube, they also have a presence on Facebook and X but not really anything on them, what I found odd was that it said in mine it launches tomorrow morning but doesn't anywhere say how you can watch it - no channel number or anything seems weird to send out an email missing the most important information!
Just had another! Says 10.30am launch tomorrow, still doesn't tell you were you can watch it so I've sent them an email telling them what I think of their marketing skills
So the tsv or whatever they are calling it is protocol with a 42% discount, was expecting at least 50% off as they have done buy one get one free on the protocol website previously also if they think I'm going to pay £149 then £3.95 p&p they are kidding themselves when they do free p&p over £30 sales on their website. If they are going to make a success of this new venture then they are going to have to do better than this.
QVC have an Elizabeth Grant TSV on 13th June. Perhaps it’ll be like Sara Davies’ craft stuff which is sold on QVC and Hobbymaker.

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