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Jan 23, 2009
Well I went for this - sorry couldn't find the original thread.

Had quite a few of the Models Prefer TSV's and enjoyed various bits and ebayed the rest. Was unsure of trying the new range due to reviews but did because my Eyebrow pencil stockpile dwindling so needed to try YBF one.

Only tried a few of the bits so will comment further in time but just wanted to comment on something else. I've always enjoyed the make up kits on QVC as I spent many years before buying the wrong colours in store - you know looks good on your hand and in the store light but totally wrong later :(

What I love about the kits is also that it encourages me to try things I may not have if I'd just seen them as individual items. This TSV is one of those examples. I have never ever tried a 'mauve' type shade of eye product as they just looked wrong to me - all the Models Prefer prior I just dumped on ebay without testing! However, because I wanted to try the other shades in the eye quad I tried it and to my surprise it's very flattering. Encouraged I then tried the Aubergine pencil and once again really very good.

There you go that's my little happy ramble for now and the moral of the story - go try some new colours :D
Hi QVCAddict. So glad you liked your YBF TSV. I wish I'd ordered one now. I, like you, have always been wary of these "fashion" colours so didn't go for this one. Loved Models Prefer but am yet to dip my toe into YBF but I might just give it a go.
I ordered the eyebrow pencil duo which came today. The packaging looks nice and much more glamorous than the old stuff but it feels rather cheap. The brush end of the pencil seems more secure than the old one as they used to fall off over time. Will report back in a month or so if it has fallen apart!!:lol:
I've tried the lip gloss. Quite shimmery, although I did see a few sparkley bits on my face. Yet to try the rest :)
I've had my kit a couple of days now and have tried most of the products. I'm quite impressed with the packaging, seems quite solid, and it's very nice to look at.

The eye shadows and liner are nice colours, although I don't find they give you the strongest look, and on me they don't have the best staying-power (but I'm sure that's me, not the product). I just can't be bothered to keep checking my makeup and reapplying all day !

I did half my face with the neutralizing face primer, and half with the Smashbox primer - can't say there was any difference (but that's a good thing because I like the Smashbox primer).

My only real irritation is with the lipsticks and gloss. Stacey always says we need shimmer, not glitter, but the lipgloss is absolutely packed with glitter - more suited to a 10-year old - and the lipsticks are very sparkly too, but they are ok once you wipe away the pearlescent coating !
I've got this too and liked most of it. I think the blusher quad is a bit strong - especially if you're heavy handed with your brush. The peach lipstick is really light, might have to give that to someone else.
Despite all my moaning about the stuff, my mother ordered one for herself. Have been having a play with the items and I have to say I still don't like the stuff.

The eyeshadows don't seem very pigmented, yet the blusher is very strong. The lipgloss is revolting IMO - full of glitter (big bits) and the lipsticks taste horrible and are covered in that horrible pearlised stuff which seems a bit pointless, as unless you wipe it all off, give the impression you've been dug up!

Packaging is trying to look classy, but I still think it looks rather cheap and tacky. Just doesn't seem like good quality make up to me. The eyebrow pencil is the only thing that I'd use.

Mum's not a huge makeup wearer, but I don't think she's very impressed either and will probably send it back.
You have put me off now as I have one on cheque hold. I will leave it now and wait for Laura Geller perhaps....
Love the kit, the eyeshadows stay on me for ages and have been getting lots of comments about the smokey look I achieved.

The lipsticks are nice but they seem cheap, that type of waxy texture with a cheap taste. The lipgloss is a dead loss....you hardly get much out of the tube and it had horrible big glitter pieces.

I still would score this TSV high though as all the other products are fabulous.
I use the highlighter, just the mearest smidge, under my eyebrows, and it's very nice. I never dare to use highlighter on my cheeks - just can't get the hang of that!
I've just tried my kit today, loved the eyeshadows, the eyeliner dragged and the gloss was way too glittery but the lipstick (and I know other people here have experienced this) made my lips sting and sore :(

I wiped it off immediately and called customer services to return the kit but don't want to pay the p&p charge when my lips were on fire.

It's a shame really as I don't have super sensitive skin and have never had a reaction like this ever to any make up I've used (cheap or expensive) but it goes to show that you can never be too careful (especially as I'm getting married in 2 weeks and bright red sore burnt looking lips is not a look I wanted to go for :) )

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