Yankee Electric Tart Warmer - good deal?


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Shouldn't have....but I've bought one.

Will be nice to be able to leave it unattended, unlike the T-light ones. And I've just got some lovely tarts from our Darls which will also be good for it.

Only thing that slightly put me off is the fact that it's red around the base, but it was too good a deal to miss really. And I must admit I do like the xmas scents.

I've been off work sick for weeks and it's cost me a fortune through watching QVC etc. Will be a merciful break for my card when I go back next week I think! :31:
I have 2 electric tart warmers and paid £19.95 for each of them (one from a shop and one from either Just Candles or Yankee Doodle). The QVC one is pretty good value if you like the tart scents.

The electric burners are fab - they seem to be more gentle than the standard ones and therefore the tart scent lasts longer.
Just spotted this on the website. Am tempted as I really fancy an electric tart warmer so I can leave it unattended and not worry about it.

Seems like a good deal. Think the electric tart warmers are usually around £20 and this comes with 20 tarts (which would normally be around £20ish too.

Am tempted.


I have just brought this its really nice i did order on chq hold from QVC but i ordered from Yankee Candles and got electric burner , normal burner for my mum , 5 xmas samplers and 5 tarts for my mum for £40 so ordering from somewhere else is cheaper plus didnt want all the tarts just had a order from Darls and i have another electric one the cream one
These electric tart warmers........how do they work?

Do you plug 'em in or are they battery operated?

Sorry for being a bit thick as I have not used them before and I fancy trying some of Darls' tarts.:1:

I do like these electric warmers and those aromatherapy fan diffusers too, but I just think the prices are crazy. I have one but would love a couple more for different rooms and gifts.

It must be just a couple of simple components a heater and a thermostat..Surely someone could make them more cheaply. Anyone know any kids doing Alevels ??,set that for them as a science project.

I reckon a company could make them safe and reliable and stylish-looking and make a massive profit selling them between 5 and 10 quid.
£19.99 seems to be about average for these tart burners So the QVC one with the tarts is good value but Yankee Doodle www.yankeedoodle.co.uk have a tart burner and a selection of tarts for £30.00

Hi everyone

Hope it's ok to hijack this thread but have a question or two about electric tart warmers and didn't really want to start a new thread.

Have just received a tart warmer with the clean and floral mix of tarts from Yankee Doodle (ordered Friday, received today - really quick and good service) and have plugged it in and all seems great. There is a lovely glow coming from the inside of the warmer which looks really nice too but am wondering if others here who have one how long do you leave yours switched on for and do they use a lot of electric? Also I thought the smell would be stronger than it is, is this the norm with wax tarts? Probably haven't had it on long enough. Sorry more than 2 questions but with never having one before am not sure.

Many thanks xxxx
I love my electric burners!
I leave mine on for hours & do not worry!
I brought both of mine through Just Candles.
I leave mine on for hours to never really looked how much leccy it uses best i dont know lol
I use Darls tarts in mine i find the scent lasts longer than yankee
Ihave 2 saves oin tealight that i go through :)
Once I'm through with the tarts from Yankee I'm going to try some of Darls as have read on here that they are a lot better. I've placed it in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and the smell is gorgeous all the way through my house so am really pleased to have finally bought one. Much better IMO than the electric plug in ones that you can buy.

Many thanks KayDee and Shortcake for taking the time to reply, really appreciate it.
I leave mine on all day...have even been known to forget to switch it off at night..oops! :52:

Can someone give me the details for buying Darls tarts please :10: thank you.


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