Yankee Electic Burner Tarts Help Please


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Jul 14, 2008
Ramsgate, Kent
I bought the electric burner and the 20 tarts from QVC. I am burning one tart at the moment but have lost the wrapper :eek: and I just love the smell.

Can anyone please help me identify it, so I can order it again?

It looks medium blue/green in its melted state and smells to me a bit like sherbet and quite fresh.

Out of the blue/green tarts it is not Sheer Gardenia, Vanilla Lime, The Apple one, Sage & Citrus, Jasmine Green Tea, Midnight Cove, Cottage Breeze, Willow Breeze or Midsummers Night as I still have those.

I would really appreciate any help.

Sounds like Island Spa. I had that item and I think it was in there, good description too. It is sherbet-citrus but soft it was my favourite. x
I have just looked at mine - still unused in the boxes - and the only one that is in the blue/green hues after I discounted the ones you still have is Island Spa so Scouser is right.

I am using Darl's tarts at the moment but will try Island Spa next!
Yankeedoodle are selling Island Spa at a discounted rate as one of their Fragrances of the month.

Don't think I've actually smelt this one. I'm burning Baby Powder and Vanilla Cupcake at the mo. Prefer the VC one over BP. BP I think would be better to burn as a candle.

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