Yankee Candle Set of 18 Samplers & Holders Try Me Price


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thanks scw but the samplers dont do it for me. wish it was a box of tarts and a nice tart burner though.
Why oh why do QVC put things on the website without any picture or description? What's the point, who's going to buy without knowing what it is?
what you get is the following

Yankee set of 18 seasonal samplers with 4 glass holders. Fragrances include,
Clean Cotton, Cottage Breeze, Sun and Sand, Lemon Lavender, Sage and Citrus, Island Spa, Evening Air, Midsummer's Night, Fresh Cut Roses, Sweet Honeysuckle, Sheer Gardenia, Candied Apple, Home Sweet Home, Sweet Strawberry, Vanilla Lime, Sparkling Lemon, Orchard Pear, Cranberry Chutney

Each candle 49g.

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