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Jun 24, 2008
Wrinkle Defence 300TC 100% Cotton 3 Piece Sheet Set by Northern Nights
Item Number: 829280
QVC Price £27.50
Try Me Price £22.66
Availability In stock
UK P&P £4.95

Sleep in complete comfort with this 300 thread count cotton sheet set from Northern Nights. It features wrinkle defence technology making the set very easy to look after. You'll receive a deep fitted sheet and two housewife pillow cases. 100% 300 thread count cotton. Machine washable.

how novel! can we have a refund on the other nn quilt sets that look like chopped spinach lol
Disappointed now I have read the description...

I was expecting one of those pillowcases that stops your face from wrinkling during the night!!!
these look pretty nice

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fluff free flannel...
pillows that are not 3 inches too short....
tog values in quilts...
welcome to the real world qvc of quality bedding.....high end luxury at last!!!:tongue2:

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